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September 20, 2011


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Johanna GGG

Tempeh is indeed more challenging than tofu but also sometimes more satisfying - read a great post about tempeh reuben on yogi kitchen and enjoyed the explanation of why tempeh was just right for the sandwich - I love glazed tempeh and can highly recommend tempeh in an asian corn soup which I have made a couple of times. But there are days it just isn't quite right so hope you manage to win over your blokes with the good days!


It looks fantastic, Lucy. Love your post, and good luck with those guys of yours.

another outspoken female

I was in more of a tempeh frenzy rather than stupor and a little reluctant to eat the Australian variety on return. Savouring the memory of the wonderful Balinese variety, with small soya beans. Oh happy days! There's something rather magical about sugar with tempeh. Glad the blokes have adopted it as a new found friend.


I'm always slightly stunned when people don't like tempeh. I love it, absolutely love it and I know we all have different tastes, but, but, but.

However your post is very true, it's important to lay the groundwork with something new, especially something bean-like and rather odd. It's like the Madhur Jaffrey tofu with tomato and coriander dish I've mentioned to you - it's the dish I cook for those who are suspicious of tofu. Oh yes, that and soy bombs of course.

This sounds utterly delicious. Of course.


Uuuhm, can't remember either, was bloghopping and thinking "meh, meh, gonna stop soon, these all suck" and then I chanced upon you ^_^ Now I have faith again.


Tempeh is soycrack to me and this sounds divine! I crave it like people crave chocolate, so will definitely be giving this a try soon. Thanks!


I'm coming here after reading Kathryn's latest post. Dare I call tempeh a "good" food? But for the right reasons: flavour, texture and delicious-ness -- as well containing those essentials we call nutrients.

Re-reading the ingredients and method as I write this has made my mouth water. Oh. My.

Sold. Without even tasting.


johanna: just googled that post...great blog find, thank you! because it's chewy, it's such a luscious flesh-substitute.

ganga: each day is a learning curve...and i reckon there's a post in all of that cooking for 4 stuff, too. x

aof: yes. i do believe that we have been spoiled now; that we're going to have to make our own...actually, that could be a great challenge one day...what say you?

kathryn: yes! groundwork. totally the word i was looking for. and, ahem, when will you be blogging that WONderful little madhur number?

sasa: that's hilarious! i love the meh-meh-meh thing (happens to me, too).

hi kip: soycrack - SO true. i'm addicted. have you been to indonesia? there, it's like soycrack turnd up to eleven...next holiday destination, perhaps?

elaine: yess! good food for certain. the best kind, i think, in that it fills you up, too, being packed with protein. delicious-ness is so important if its to be the full experience...yeah, i knew this was you. x


Yes! I was actually considering Indonesia this month as I was hoping to already be in Malaysia, but it fell through! Maybe in the new year...

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  • © 2006-2014 Lucinda Dodds. All rights reserved. No content on this website including, but not limited to, text and photography may be reproduced without prior explicit written consent from the copyright holder.

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