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November 02, 2011


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Denise | Chez Danisse

What a lovely moment, the two of you, outside, dipping into the bessara. This is the first time I've heard of bessara. Looks delicious. Thank you.


Perfect! I need something to do with all those broad beans, I also put in too late but now showing stems lined with pods. Thank you Lucy, and for all your thoughts and encouragement imbedded in this post.


I was thinking you were Internet-quiet... here you are, two new. Lovely post, written like you were lost in your tasks and conversation... but yes, cooking mojo ebbs and flows... glad it's back!

Johanna GGG

What amazing space! I hope that the garden is a comfort in a tough year - I know ours has helped when things have been hard! Glad to hear your cooking mojo is back - it is such a lovely way to relax and share the good things in life!

Compost Tumblers

What a great garden you have, I'm very jealous - I want to build raised beds similar to yours next year.

Lesh @ TheMindfulFoodie

Such a beautiful, neat garden, Lucy. Mine's an overgrown jungle, and I haven't put in my summer seedlings yet - leaving it a bit late, me thinks!

Like you, I've been noticing a decline of my cooking mojo, but Andrea's bessara recipe sounds too delicious to resist. Thanks for sharing, lovely Lucy!


Is that your garden? That's a lot of space. And it's so very orderly. I'm hugely impressed. The jungle method which was so very productive in my old house failed me this year. I must try harder next year.
Live a little; learn a ton. Indeed.
:) x


denise: oh, it's rather yummy i must say.

sophie: stopping worrying about the weeds was the best thing that happened this year!

sharon: yep. totally lost. getting back on track now, but there are times when you have to go internet quiet.

johanna: a-men to the mojo coming back. feels good to like cooking again.

compost tumblers: thanks!

lesh: you should see my rocket - it's hilariously overgrown.

wendy: 'tis! but only the veg patch. there's a lot more space, and i think i'll map it out at some point soon to put things in context...hey, maybe i'll do a drawing.


your garden looks beautiful, lucinda.
isn't stick architecture such a lovely, practical visual addition to everything?
i am waiting to hear how your broad beans do...ours stated so well and then succumbed (at the peak of their vibrancy, it seems) to black aphids and sooty mildew. so keep yr eyes peeled. it can happen fast if you get the wrong kind of weather too many days in a row (cool and wet).
well, i am just thrilled for you...that it's spring, that your garden is happening, that you got your cooking mojo back. it's so boring for our souls when we feel a lack of inspiration for making and eating food. deadening, actually. and your posts are wonderful to read...i am catching up a little, having been flat-out myself.


stick architecture rules!

planted out a large crop of tomatoes a few weekends ago, some beans are in, and my peas - purple podded ones, so pretty - are shaping up to be stunning. i hope that the toms are okay...area was lashed by freak storms yesterday, we find out if all is well tonight.

mojo back = better food for all. we are feeling better, all of us. even schmoodle, for whom i made a scrambled egg this morning...


Every time I read one of your food-garden-friendship stories I think you could not have given your blog a more apt name.

Nourish me? Indeed you did.

(PS. I'm sorry about the tough patches; I'm so happy for you the mojo's back.)


elaine, i am SOOOO happy i am loving cooking again. 18 months without it felt...well, it felt hard with a, ya know, food-focussed blog...you made my day, thank you!


Wow your garden is going to be mega. So much potential with all that space. I wonder, how much space do you need per person to be just about self sustainable? Glad you found your cooking mojo again. You can't force it if it doesn't want to come. But with the lovely produce you are bound to have (I don't share your doubts), at least even if you don't cook much, you will still eat well.

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