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November 19, 2012


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Denise | Chez Danisse

Bread baking is so gratifying. Your loaf here is gorgeous.


I wish all the whiners about Hostess not making Twinkies would come here and read this. In my comment I suggested they make their own, sans chemicals. They should make their own bread; and here you are, telling everyone how easy it is. Go figure. :) I love 12 grain brown breads. I'd make 12 grain cornbread if it tasted as good as my regular cornbread. ;)

I like your loaf. My brother baked bread back when his two were little ones. His girl would fill her mouth with warm bread, roll her eyes up in her head and say, "Dada, I want some more Good Bread." The name stuck. :)

kathryn elliott

Oh well, you know how much I love this recipe. And Alice Hart in general. I pretty much make it twice a week now and have, over time, found ways to vary it to suit me. I make a slightly bigger loaf than Alice's and often up the ratio of wholegrain to white flour, or in grains and seeds, depending on what I feel like.

In the middle of winter, when it was also hard to find a warm spot, I would end up leaving it for two days. Time, but it got there in the end.

Over winter, when it was taking so long to do anything, I started mixing the bread in a glass bowl. It meant I could see the air pockets forming in the dough and was able to tell when it was ready for the second stage.

I am so looking forward to your second recipe though.


That bread looks so good I want to eat it off my screen!
I have Alice's 'vegetarian', but haven't made the bread yet as I eat wheat (mostly gluten-) free. I must try it with oat flour. I hope it works.
Looking forward to part 2 x


I'm not sure I believe that anyone can really 'own' a bread recipe - people have been mixing flour, water, yeast, salt & heat together, in various combinations, for thousands of years. I think the method, or methods, of making bread should be passed around freely, with no hand-wringing required! My grandfather showed me how to make bread in his kitchen, and it was pretty much exactly like this - he didn't knead it, and he left it over night.


hi guys, and thank you for all of your fabulous thoughts here.

anna - i am SOOO glad that you have said that. i mean, really, what is to own? grandfather-baked bread sounds like a wonderful kitchen memory to hold, one i hope my bloke can give to his grandkids when they (one day) arrive.


I bake marks version its so good people don't believe its homemade half the time, making bread makes me feel so good, a real reminder that the simple things in life are often the best x nice new sink lucy


So that second loaf looks incredible. I was just wondering what time of the day (weekend?) do you start making it so the second prove and bake are at a desirable fresh bread time?


cat, that is an excellent question, and i must say i meant to include it but...i forgot! so. i start the dough off on a friday night, just before i start on dinner (we eat early, so that'd be between 5 and 6pm). this means i can begin the proving process at 8am next day, and we have a loaf by midday.

i am lucky in that i work part-time, and at home, so it means i can do this on any day i like, but i always start at that 5-6 pm time so as i'm in a rhythm if that makes sense, can work on auto-pilot.


Lovely to pop in again to Nourish Me and I have bookmarked this recipe...so long since we've had a chat. Sorry to hear of your sleeping issues... it's hell. DO let me know if you come north.XX


definitely want to try this...i've been making dosas from scratch and fermenting everything by the woodstove on the kitchen counter, so i should be able to do this too. the idea of no kneading really really appeals to me...shaggy bread. yeah. rock on, girl...


I can solve your sleeping problems...I will loan you Earl. The secret is to get up at 5am auspiciously to read your rss feed reader and then walk the dog for 2 hours from 7am on. I fall asleep at 7.30pm and it's a fight between me and sleep from then on. If you don't have a dog, get up early and just go for a walk. Trust me, I used to be an insomniac. I just found this wonderful blog through another blog and will be reading your posts over my first cup of tea in the morning bleary eyed and raring to go.

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