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April 23, 2013


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you sound content x


It sounds like an interesting and thought provoking time in your life. I'm glad it is working out and into a better place. Your photos are gorgeous. And it doesn't get any cuter than the cat!


Thanks for the mention love! I really had fun working with you :)

Nice pics too, especially of the cat xx

Denise | Chez Danisse

Bookselling seems what's best, at least for now. Enjoy!


I think i would greatly enjoy being a bookseller.

Mesmerising photos as usual.


Hi Lucy! I've missed your presence on the internet, but it is good your finding a rhythm that works for you.

You clearly haven't "settled," as your work is as beautiful as ever.

Your approach to the garden is similar to mine; summer is not the time for greens or peas or tender, wilty things. Summer is tomatoes and chiles, winter squash and watermelons, things that really, really love heat. I work much harder outside in the garden in the winter, though the summer has me working harder inside, putting up the summer fruit and veg.

The beets sound fantastic. I am so loving Deborah Madison's Vegetable Literacy right now. It is a dreamy book.


Ugh, I really should edit before posting. I meant to write, "you're finding a rhythm . . ."

Johanna GGG

wow lucy that is lots of change but it sounds very positive and mindful. I am having lots of changes with work and am unsure whether it is better to spend more time at home with less contact with others or at work with some people I really like and some who are just not good news. But I could spend time with books every day - the internet is great but it does pull me away from books which makes me sad. Glad you seem to be finding some balance


So happy to know...
- your book-selling work makes your heart swell, exercises your creative muscle and provides a living wage
- you've discovered a new way in the kitchen, good for body and mind
- you're arrived at cooler autumn.

Me? I too have fallen off the internet & don't know where or when to jump back on. This has been a good place to start.

Beautiful photos. The light in the first -- divine. I hope my eggplant babies will grow up to produce a healthy plant and beautiful blossom like yours. Later this week I will sow beets. I have marked Deborah Madison's anise beets as the one to make with the first harvest.

Must now go and water the thirsty peas. It's like summer here. Too soon!


I burnt the toast then let it go cold reading your post this morning. I was so enjoying getting carried away in another persons daily routine. I too have been thinking a lot about work, my role in it, and how it defines me as I have been unemployed for the past 3 months. But work has finally come, and with it the security I need to relax. As much as I resist the idea of this need for security in employment, I have come to realise I need purpose and some small weekly routine for mental quietness.
May your winter crop be a bumper this year! I have just put watermelons, tomatoes, ginger, turmeric and eggplants in my first attempt at tropical garden! I am holding my breath.

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  • © 2006-2014 Lucinda Dodds. All rights reserved. No content on this website including, but not limited to, text and photography may be reproduced without prior explicit written consent from the copyright holder.

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