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August 12, 2014


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What about something like this? http://www.athinkingstomach.com/2013/01/too-simple-to-be-recipe.html

Or, if you're willing to go the meat option, this? http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/member/views/KADDO-BOURANI-PUMPKIN-WITH-YOGURT-AND-MEAT-SAUCES-50107221

Ooof, a Crohn's diagnosis, that's really tough. My thoughts are with the boy and his girl.


I recently bought the Oh She Glows cookbook and after reading your post, flipped through it a moment ago. A couple of recipes featuring avocado sounded yummy and possibly would meet the dietary restrictions. You might find some inspiration on the web site. I did a search using "avocado" and found this: http://ohsheglows.com/recipage/?recipe_id=6033267

Bonus: no grains at all.

Beautiful photograph!

kathryn elliott


kathryn elliott

Or . . . not vegetarian, but Teresa Cutter's meatballs, with pasta - they're made with ricotta, so lighter than the standard variety http://www.thehealthychef.com/2011/05/organic-meatballs-in-tomato-sauce/

kathryn elliott

Sorry, my thoughts are coming in slow drips.

I reckon a simple frittata with sweet potato wedges and then some cooked spinach, maybe with a little nutmeg and cream?

Or my other thought was to make some of that ricotta gnocchi - not sure if you've seen the recipes, but it's really simple to make and *really* delicious. It can also be made in advance and then just takes minutes to cook (as long as you have a really big pan). You could even make spinach gnocchi and have that with a tomato sauce and some parmesan?


Even though I was a vegetarian for many years and feel it made me a better and more varied cook I admit to getting rather peeved with the proliferation of niche boutique diets such as vegan-paleo etc etc, but a genuine health issue such Crohns or celiac disease I will rise to the occasion. The thought of never eating salad again makes me feel sad for this young woman, but there is quite a bit within those limitations. If you're having pasta maybe a socca (chickpea pancake/pizza) would be a good entree, gnocchi of any kind sounds delicious even the traditional potato gnocchi with a meat or vegetarian sauce sounds like it wouldn't be out of bounds. I guess most pulses, lentils, beans would be too high fibre. A poached pear for desert with a chocolate sauce would be rather nice too..


you guys...great ideas, and so many ideas pinging 'round for me now...lovely.


I have ulcerative colitis (related to crohn's), and when I get a flare up need to go on the specific carbohydrate diet (like paleo) to manage it, but for me no grains means NO GRAINS, so I was unsure if pasta would really be a good idea ... Soups are good, fish and a (cooked) greens side, or a slow cooked meat stew...


jo, thank you. SO much. i would have thought that pasta was wrong, so i'm glad you've confirmed it. i feel better knowing that, in your experience, it's better to go with no grains at all. you're a star!


Soufflés! Make guests feel spoiled but are easy.

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