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December 05, 2015


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No!!! I love your blog very much and am sad to hear that it will soon be gone. However, this is all about me and if you feel it's time to go then I get it. Thank you for the beautiful photos, insightful words and inspirational ideas and recipes over the past few years (I think I've been following for 6-7 years). I wish you well in your future creative endeavours Lucy - best regards, Chez


I get it ....

I will miss your photos -- and your words. I've been happily surprised to see each post land in my inbox. Saved like a treat for a quiet moment or rushed to unwrap.

Thank you for sharing. :)



Much love and thanks for all that you are and do.


i get it. completely. the state of running out of things to say is a good one. i know where you are anyway and that our friendship is beyond my comments and yr replies. looking forward to wherever the journey brings us. yr loving friend, py


Ahh, I get it. It makes me sad this space will be gone though. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures and words. And for being so very inspiring. X


Awww, I've loved reading your blog over the years. Thank you!

Moira Hickman

As usual I felt a little excited when your image of a beautiful perfect cabbage came up on my feed. I came your way through Katherine and An Honest Kitchen which I bought from time to time. I have enjoyed your posts immensely and I kinda liked that they were spasmodic - a little surprise.
Reading about meditation in your life spurred me on a little (I have been trying for many years to get a practice happening but more often than not I don't have one) and also your thoughts about 5:2 were useful.
I love Deborah Maddison and Nigel so it was great to read your observations about their books and I have been interested to read about other cooks you recommend.
I'm feeling pretty sad that I haven't ever said these things along the way. Sorry. Sometimes these things don't seem to matter too much until they do.
I'm glad for the notice because now I can trawl through your recipes over the summer holidays and grab some notes about cooking. Simple stuff - like the reminder about cabbage salad and peanut sauce. YES!
Thank you for sharing so much. Moira


Sorry to have to say good bye. We frequently eat your recipe for tofu and green beans in broth. So delicious, thank you so much.


I will miss you I love your photos and your words


Goodbye and thank you Nourish Me. X


I'll miss your beautiful photos and inspiring, wise words. Thanks and all the best for whatever's next x


Can I urge you to reconsider? I can understand not blogging any more, but why delete such a wonderful record? I am someone you've never met, have no connection with, visit here only sporadically but I love cooking and I really love your blog. Your independent, honest, funny voice. The many wonderful recipes you have documented. I don't want it to go and I have to say so.


That's such a shame to delete the record of a decades work. It's always a pleasure and an inspiration to click through the journeys into deliciousness. I could never replicate any of it but reading the process I can taste them as if i were in the room. I'm with Zoe, if there's any chance of laying down the pen but leaving pages that would be most excellent. Losing the cyber porch and soulful tea break would be a great loss for all.

Johanna GGG

oh I have just seen this after your latest post and wanted to add my sadness at the thought of you deleting this blog - it was one of the earliest I discovered when I was first blogging and your kindness in supporting me as a fledgling blogger was important. So I hope you do keep it online and still just pop in with your gorgeous photography from time to time even if you don't have much left to say about food right now

this too shall pass (take that as you would like to read it)


What they all said above.
'Oh please don't go - we'll eat you up - we love you so!'
Laura, Feather and Bone

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